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Shooting Het Leudal

A piece of paradise in North Limburg

The Leudal, a small nature reserve near Roggel. I had recently visited this area with two friends after not having been there for a long time. My parents used to take my sisters and me many times with this. We always had the feeling that we were not in the Netherlands for a while because the Netherlands is so flat and this area has some height difference.

And now that we visited this again, I still had that feeling. Many trails reminded me of the trails in Canada, especially on Vancouver Island. The different flora you will find here is very similar to what you will find on the island off the Canadian coast. So you don't always have to travel that far to see something beautiful;) For me it is half an hour by car, so that's nice. Incidentally, I again notice how beautiful the Netherlands is and especially in the south. Everything can be reached by car from my hometown. I feel very privileged to be able to live here in the South of the Netherlands;)

This beautiful area is ideal for taking different types of photos. The forest contains many beautiful paths and a beautiful river (De Leubeek) meanders past you everywhere. Excellent for trying out all kinds of angles. You will come back with many different photo material. From forests and lakes to streams and bridges. You will also find two watermills here.

As you may already know, I am very fond of fall colors. This is because autumn colors reveal more different shades than the green that you see in spring and summer. It could be that you also see autumn colors here. I immediately edit many photos into an autumn version.

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