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Photographing in Herbertusbossen (South of The Netherlands)

By the time the longest day approaches, the golden hour will also be nice and long (almost an hour and a half) and you will have plenty of time to take advantage of that beautiful, yellow light.

It was very warm on June 18, 2019. But the light was really fantastic. That warm, golden light is not the same every day at that time. The color depends on many factors. With this beautiful light you have the perfect basis for beautiful photos.

So out and about to the Herbertusbosssen in Heeze (NBr). Behind the castle is a beautiful, long avenue towards the Somerenseweg. And to the left of this avenue is a beautiful old beech forest. It's like a fairytale in there. This is the only one of my favorite forests in my home environment. Armed with a camera, necessary lenses and a tripod in search of beautiful avenues and spots.

And then I come home happy and charged to view and edit the catch. And then you also have traveled the necessary kilometers without really realizing that it was quite a walk :). So also burns the necessary calories. Delicious right?

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