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A day in South Limburg (The Netherlands)

Together with a very good friend to South Limburg for landscape photography in and around beautiful Vijlen. That was the program for today. And that is not only fun to do but also very fun.

It is an hour's drive from our hometown. Since the afternoon sun is too hard at this time of the year, we thought we would be there at about 3.30 pm to have a drink at our leisure and then see what the light does. On the way we noticed that there were some rain showers to come but as long as it would be showers and not rain all day, I only got more enthusiastic. Clouds and breakthroughs passed through my mind.

When it arrived in Het Vijlerbos it had just rained hard and the colors of the leaves were very bright. Can make beautiful shots of that beautiful forest. At home the photos are very green and I couldn't resist turning one into a warmer version :).

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