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Mario Elbers

It is easy to buy a book or online course about photography, but it is not very motivating and it is sometimes difficult to learn something in this way.

With some experience in creating and editing moving images, after some doubt, I bought a DSLR and started looking for a tailor-made workshop to avoid using it to its full potential. The workshop “photography of my choice” was very suitable for me, because I could indicate what, when and how much time I wanted to spend on this. 3 hours of practice (explanation of basic rules, setting the camera and taking pictures) and another part of the day with 3 hours of editing was a perfect ratio. Kees gives you homework after the practical lesson. You will gain experience and give feedback during workshop part 2.

He walks through the material step by step, clear and especially at my pace. If I think I understand it, I want to move forward. Things are approachable, but he knows how to stimulate and test you. I left with a great sense of enthusiasm. On the one hand about the fine / educational workshops and on the other hand about the first very useful steps in the world of photography.

My tip for a fellow novice photographer is; opt for accompanying customization and become so fascinated. You should definitely choose a link between still image creation and editing. At Kees you are really in the right place for this. A lot of knowledge in both areas. Your experience of success will be high. Have fun!

Mario Elbers - Deurne

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