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Henry Smeets

Recently I asked Kees if he would like to introduce me to the latest Photoshop plug-in; the TK8 panel. I found it a difficult panel to edit my landscape photos with, but I also saw that it is a very nice add-on in Photoshop, for working with masks.

Kees first taught me how to set up my workspace and color settings optimally. After this he showed me live for about 3 hours, how the TK8 panel works.

For example, he showed how I can create masks based on color channels, hue, color, saturation, vibrancy and edge masks.
After this afternoon I can edit my RAW photos even more beautiful and, above all, more subtle and lifelike.
Afterwards I looked back at the explanation several times, because I received the videos from Kees as a reference work.

In short, thank you Kees for the clear explanation, I have learned a lot and can recommend it to any serious photographer.

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