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Photoshoot The Speulderbos


For some time I had planned to travel to the Veluwe to take some nice pictures here. For me a bit of a drive and so I decided to stay a night to experience the morning light. The weather forecast is good so on the road.

Arrived in Garderen on Friday afternoon at around 3:00 pm and set out to explore. Of course I have already done a lot of homework. It would be a pity to spend hours looking for the beautiful places, then you just miss the light. So immediately explored the area around the hotel and on to Het Speulderbos which is my ultimate goal. The forest consists largely of old beech and coniferous trees such as the larch. All trees are the same age and therefore very high, which makes it very fairytale-like. It is enchantingly beautiful, spring is fully visible, all beeches get 'floating', low-hanging branches with bright green, almost luminous leaves. I can hardly believe my eyes. What a beautiful forest.

Every place, path, corner shows a beautiful composition. I don't know when to stop. I constantly shoot photos until 6pm. I drive back to Garderen to have a quick bite to eat and then immediately drive back and see the other side of the forest. I stay in the forest until the sun sets around 9:30 PM.

In the morning at 5.30 AM awake to watch the sunrise in Het Speulderbos at 6 AM. Fortunately, I got to know the forest well and can now visit the beautiful places again to capture them with the morning light. The sun does not really come through so early, but that only ensures that the photos do not get too much contrast, which only benefits the atmospheric images that I ultimately want to make of it.

I still take pictures until 11am and have to go back south for an afternoon appointment, which is canceled afterwards; (but that doesn't make it any less fun :). In short, these were two fantastic days and I am sure that I can be found here again in the fall.


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