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Foggy morning in Helmond

Dense fog in the woods gives the magical effect

You wake up early and see that it is foggy. Then there is only one thing to do and that is quickly grab my camera gear and go to the nearest forest.

Fast because fog can also disappear quickly so is almost usually necessary. But once you arrive, getting up early and rushing is immediately rewarded. The soft mist between trees and branches gives a beautiful soft image, in addition to the soft light you will have in tomorrow.

I am lucky because cyclists ride in the forest and that gives a good impression of the height of the trees next to the path. The soft light at the back of the path gives a beautiful magical effect. Actually, your photo is ready right away. There's practically no need for post-processing, except I converted one to an autumn mood. With a good feeling I go home after a few hours to look at my catch.


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The advantage with fog is that it is usually windless. This allows you to use a low ISO and possibly. use a slow shutter speed. Especially if you have a tripod with you, which is a must for me in the woods anyway.

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